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leaf dishes (2)

Very rare set of two leaf dishes designed by Tapio Wirkkala. A leading figure of Post-war European design, Finnish designer and sculptor. The wood rings in two colors on Tapio Wirkkala’s laminated plywood dishes emphasize its shell-like shape, combining the at-once manmade and natural qualities of plywood with an organic inspiration. Wirkkala played with the straight lines made by the plywood’s layers by cutting the laminate into round-edged shapes that recalled leaves or shells.

lounge chairs (2) (c)

These original chairs comes in bleached teak with bended and slightly curved back. The seat and back are cane. The chairs appear in beautiful patina. Swiss-born Pierre Jeanneret was an architect and furniture designer. For many years he was in cooperation with Charlotte Perriand and moreover a partner of his famous cousin Le Corbusier. In 1950, the two men were the principal  project managers for the construction of the city of Chandigarh, India.

Greta Magnusson Grossman

Stockholm-born Greta Magnusson Grossman in the late 1920s is offered a scholarship at the renowned Stockholm Academy of Arts Konstfack, where in 1933 she successfully completes her degree. In the 1930s Grossman significantly influences the Swedish design and architecture scene. She has an extremely productive career of forty years in Europe and North America, with numerous successes in the fields of industrial and interior design as well as classical architecture.

As one of the first wo ...

Ceiling Lamps (2) (b)

Beautiful pair of ceiling lamps designed by Lisa Johansson-Pape in 1950´s. It is made from opal glass and brass. These elegant Lamps are in excellent vintage condition. Manufactured by Orno Oy. Lisa Johansson-Pape was a Finnish designer, best known for her work in lighting. Her work was presented in New York’s World Fair of 1939 and the Milan Triennale, where she won an award in 1951. One hanging lamp made as well of opal glass that Johansson-Pape designed for Iittala  ...

A fine line between art and kitsch

A trip to the Frankfurt Dippemess offers amazing surprises. The Frankfurt Dippemess looks back on a tradition dating back to the 14th century. At that time, it was a sales market for household goods. Today the Dippemess is Frankfurt's biggest folk fair and offers a lot of fun. Carousel, roller coaster, ghost train, bumper car, ferris wheel - not to mention tasty roasted almonds, cotton candy, game booths and shooting ranges. We were surprised what beautiful treasures there is to discover betw ...

coffee table

The coffee table with a round glass top on metal pipe chromium plated base is designed by German architect Herbert Hirche and manufactured by Christian Holzäpfel. Herbert Hirche was one of the most important post-war German designers. Hirche collaborated, among others, with Mies van der Rohe, Egon Eiermann and was a student of Wassily Kandinsky. This explains his allegiance by classical modernity, the ideals of which he remained true to all his life and the - politically clean - tradition he ...

cups (2)

The technique makes them peculiar, while the idea behind them is in the line of Sottsass research work of those years. The peculiarity of enamel consists in its vitreous nature which gives to colors a thickness, a material consistency. Colors are for this reason deep colors, not flat colors on a flat surface. Enamel is cooked in the oven at around 1000 degrees, each color at a different temperature. Originally the enamel is a powder, which before cooking in the oven has a different color ...

Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass is an Austrian-Italian architect, designer and photographer. He is known world-wide by his object "Valentine", a red, easily portable typewriter made of plastic and as a member of the group "Memphis". With his design, he opposes the modernist dictatorship of modernity for more emotion and less practicality.

In 1935 he began his studies and received his diploma at the Polytechnic of Turin. As a soldier of the Italian army, he spends most of the Second World War in a Yug ...

Worlds of Design and a Taste for Art

We would like to draw your attention to the following auction. The French auction house Piasa will be offering a sale in March entitled: Worlds of Design and a Taste for Art. A huge collection from one property, selected pieces that covers and describes an interesting subject: Where does art stop and where does design begin? Classical pieces by Hans Wegner, Ib Kofod Larsen, Edward Wormley, as well as Lightings by Angelo Lelli but also art works of German border-crossers in the field of art, d ...

floor Lamp

This adjustable floor lamp designed by Carlo Mollino in 1947. Parchment shade supported by brass arm on polished marble base. The lamp is able to swivel 360 degrees by adjusting the button on the base of the lamp. Manufactured by Galleria Colombari. Carlo Mollino is one of the most exceptional designers of the 20th century. A universal talent - designer, architect, race driver, stunt pilot, photographer, fashion designer, stage designer and essayist.

Elle Best of Germany - 02.2018

A new article in ELLE - Best of Germany. Frank Landau has an unmistakable sense of style, designs the hippest shops of the city and always moves the interface between art and design. Supreme maxim: He only sells, what he appreciates - and that is a fine selection of Italian lights and Midcentury classic Scandinavian and American designers like Poul Kjærholm and George Nelson. The pieces are presented in a gallery that Landau operates with art gallery owner Anita Beckers.

bar cart (a)

This Brazilian modern classic piece was designed in 1959 by Jorge Zalszupin. The exquisite barcart is made in Brazilian jacaranda with brass wheels. The top shelf is a removable tray. Noble lines, the essential use of native wood and a combination of impeccable woodwork and classic details characterize Jorge Zalszupin's furniture.

Egon Eiermann

After finishing secondary school Egon Eiermann studied architecture at the Technical Academy in Berlin-Charlottenburg. His most important teachers were Heinrich Tessenow and particularly Hans Poelzig, whose master scholar he was. After graduating in 1927 Eiermann first works in Karstadt's Inc. building-site office in Hamburg, then for Bewag in Berlin. In his first building already, a transformer station for Berlin electrical supply company Inc. in 1929, Egon Eiermann acts out the vocabulary o ...

Photogravure (g)

Karl Blossfeldt was a German photographer, who became particularly known through strictly formal plant photographs. He is considered artistically as a representative of New Objectivity. Blossfeldt’s incredibly detailed, systematic photographs of plants in the Serie 'Nature's Garden of Wonder' illustrate the nineteenth century German belief that nature was the basis of all forms in art and architecture. He hoped to discover through these images the underlying structure of the natural world, a ...

Brafa Art Fair 2018

The Brafa will be starting in Brussels next week. Unfortunately, we are not present this year. For personal reasons, there will be changes for 2018. Our clients are welcome to contact us and we will send you invitation tickets. Here are some impressions from our booth in the past.

The Art Fair was founded in 1956 and is one of the oldest and most important art fairs in the world. It presents modern and contemporary art of the highest quality, antiques and design objects. As the first ...

Dressing Table (b)

Vanity dressing table with adjustable gilt bronze framed mirror and brass sabots designed by famous Italian Gio Ponti. This example in ash features two drawers and the perfect size fits in every room. Manufactured in 1953 by Royal Hotel, Naples.

Hans Wegner

1936-38 Wegner studies at the Arts and Crafts School in Copenhagen. He then gets hired as draftsman for the architecture office of Erik Møller and furniture designer Arne Jacobsen, who built the Århus city hall.

During the war he works with his friend Børge Mogensen. Together they develop good, basic and affordable furniture. In the early 40s Wegner interprets older chairs anew, like Windsor and China chairs, in step by step taking off stylistic details and giving them a modern classine ...

New Catalog Edition

We are happy - our new catalog edition is ready! For a glimpse into our collection and current areas of focus, we recently produced new catalogues about: our work, Brazilian design, Scandinavian design, American design and a rare house from Jean Prouvé. All with beautiful pictures combined in a simple layout on high quality paper. The edition is bundled in a handmade black box and stamped by hand with our logo. Despite the digital age it comes in a traditional way, by mail. Let yourself ...

lounge chairs (2)

Wonderful examples of Danish design in wood with amazing patinated cognac leather. The lounge chairs are designed by Ib Kofod-Larsen in 1950. Manufactured by OPE.

Antoine Philippon / Jacqueline LeCoq

Antoine Philippon and Jacqueline Lecoq were brilliant example of the intellectual rigor, lucidity and balance that characterized French furniture production in the 1950s and 1960s. Reclaiming the values of the UAM (Union des Artistes Modernes) which was established between the two world wars by a small group of subversive Designers, the pair set out to create functional furniture in great numbers, without any concessions to aesthetics or function. Their goal was to offer beauty and quali ...

ceiling Lamp

Very Rare Chandelier by Angelo Lelli for Arredoluce, Italy, 1950s.
Signed with applied manufacturer's label to fixture: Made in Italy Arredoluce Monza. The present lot has been registered in the Arredoluce Archives, Italy as number 5962458

Live Magazin - 11.2017

What makes a piece of furniture to a design object? How to become a gallery owner for design furniture? Are design classics also suitable as an investment? This summer, Jaguar Land Rover's Live Magazine visited us in our gallery. To the question if there are any designers who have developed cars and furniture, Frank Landau replied: "Oh yes, there are some, from Germany Luigi Colani, from Italy Carlo Mollino or Gio Ponti. My favorite is the American Faymond Loewy (Lucky Strike ) with the Stude ...

sculptural chair (c)

Early model of the sculptural chair. The base is flat steel and was made without the screw on the side as it is seen in the later models. In the early 60s Bo-Ex started the collaboration with two promising young furniture designers Preben Fabricius and Jørgen Kastholm. Their elegant and timeless, yet innovative, designs would soon earn them world-renown. Later on Bo-Ex also produced designs by famous duo Jørgen Lund and Ole Larsen.

Lou Reed in Frankfurt

After re-facing our new website, we were back on the beautiful pictures of Lou Reed. In autumn 2012, Reed exhibited his photographic work for the first time in Germany in our gallery. The works were black-and-white portraits of old people, city views, images with deliberate motion blur and landscapes with artificially alienating colors. The founding member of 'The Velvet Underground' has been photographing since the 1960s, inspired by Andy Warhol. In the same year, a new book was published, w ...

Frankfurter Küche

The Frankfurt kitchen was a milestone in domestic architecture, considered the forerunner of modern fitted kitchens, for it realised for the first time a kitchen built after a unified concept, designed to enable efficient work and to be built at low cost. It was designed in 1926 by Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky for architect Ernst May's social housing project New Frankfurt in Frankfurt, Germany. Wooden cupboards with glass doors, ironing board and storage scoops for food.  ...

Carlo Mollino

Born in 1905 in Turin, he studies until 1931 engineering and art history, then architecture at the University of Turin, and goes working in the architectural firm of his father Eugenio Mollino. Carlo Mollino is one of the most exceptional designers of the 20th century. A universal talent - designer, architect, race driver, stunt pilot, photographer, fashion designer, stage designer and essayist. In 1933 Carlo Mollino's design wins the first prize in the competition for building the Federazion ...

floor Lamps (2)

Very rare Mid-Century pair of floor lamps designed by Kaare Klint. The lamps comes in brass and are adjustable in height and angle of the shade. Kaare Klint was an architect, a craftsman and a very good and respected designer, who had a great influence on Danish furniture. Manufactured by Le Klint.

Modern America in Zurich

In 2014, together with our Zurich-based partner Gallery Dierk Dierking, we had our first exhibition in the series "Modern America - 20th Century Design.“ This year, we once more showed our exciting crossover concept, which we started in 2009 and have successfully presented at various trade fairs, exhibitions, etc. 

At this point we want to thank the Gallery Dierk Dierking for his professional cooperation and we look forward to our future planned joint projects, which we promise w ...

sideboard wall mounted

This handcrafted and wall mounted Sideboard by famous George Nakashima has a beautifully figured American black walnut slab top with an organic and subtle free-form edge. Comes with two sliding doors, containing three shelves. Manufactured in 1970´s by Nakashima Studio.

Charlotte Perriand

Charlotte Perriand positively is the most important French designer and architect. She is born in 1903 in Paris and 1920-25 studies at the École de l‘Union Centrale des Arts Décoratifs. After graduation she starts designing furniture and causes a sensation with her 'Bar sous le toit' (bar under the roof), made of nickel plated copper and anodized aluminium - designed for her own studio and shown at the exhibition Salon d' Automne in 1927. Here she meets Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jean ...

Side table (d)

Sculptural side table in walnut designed by T.H. Robsjohn-Gibbings. Very sculptural splayed tripod form, yet strong and sturdy. It is a versatile size and could be used as a side or nightstand or coffee table. These are one of Robsjohn's signature pieces. Signed with serial number and manufacturer’s label beneath. Manufactured in 1955 by Widdicomb.

BRAFA - 2017

The Brussels Art Fair was founded in 1956 and is one of the oldest and most important art fairs in the world. It presents modern and contemporary art of the highest quality, antiques and design objects. The BRAFA takes place every January. As the first major art event of the year, it is regarded as a mood barometer for the entire art market.This year we present an exciting concept, as well as inspiring dialogues with a selection of design objects from: George Nakashima, Ico Parisi, Fabricius ...

Aalto Alvar

1916-21 Alvar Aalto studies architecture at the Technical University in Helsinki. In 1923 he starts his own architecture office in Jyväskyla together with his wife Aino Marsio (1894-1949). In 1927 the office moves to Turku, in 1933 to Helsinki. In the beginning inspired by classicism, later on Alvar Aalto is more and more interested in the historical architecture of Mediterranean countries like Italy.

He is an honorary member of numerous international architecture associations and hon ...