Photogravure (g)Photogravure (g)

Karl Blossfeldt


Photogravure (g)

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Karl Blossfeldt


Wonders of nature
framed, wood
h 26 / w 20 cm
h 42 / w 53 cm

Karl Blossfeldt was a German photographer, who became particularly known through strictly formal plant photographs. He is considered artistically as a representative of New Objectivity. Blossfeldt’s incredibly detailed, systematic photographs of plants in the Serie 'Nature's Garden of Wonder' illustrate the nineteenth century German belief that nature was the basis of all forms in art and architecture. He hoped to discover through these images the underlying structure of the natural world, a quest he shared with contemporary naturalists and philosophers.
The work´s size is h 26 cm / w 20 cm and comes in high-quality wooden frame h 42cm / 53 cm. Take a look we have several motifs in stock.