Frank Landau - Selected Design Objects Frank Landau - Selected Design Objects

According to our professional passion we transfer all our professional standards on all aspects of our lives. Therefore stands our awesome kitchen, where we cook, live, make music and celebrate our lifestyle. We take time to harvest sesional food or experiment different cooking methods. We drink home-pressed apple juice, produce dried fruit and knead and taste the dough until we have the best pizza dough in town. For us it is important to transform our creativity into time, to have high-value time to live.

Our kitchen is a new interpretation of an original Frankfurt kitchen. The Frankfurt kitchen was designed in 1926 by the Viennese architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky and is the basic idea of all fitted kitchens. We have been dealing with the old kitchens for decades, some are in important museums around the world, some we have installed at Bauhaus collectors.