Frank Landau - Selected Design Objects Frank Landau - Selected Design Objects

Designer / Artist

Paavo Tynell

Paavo Tynell was one of the founders of Taito firm, serving as its director and head designer until 1954. Tynell’s main work includes lighting design for the Lasipalatsi building in Helsinki and the lighting for the office of the Secretary General of United Nations. From the 1930s until the 1950s, Tynell was one of Finland’s most widely used designers of light fittings for public spaces.

His massive lighting chandeliers dominate the entry to Eliel Saarinens red brick main railway stat ...

Selected Objects

stools (2)

The classic shape of the iconic wooden stools is significant for Perriands designs who is positively is the most important French designer and architect. Sold and distributed in the 1950s by the famous Paris gallery Steph Simon together with pieces by her frequent collaborator Jean Prouvé. Her rustic wooden furniture in a free form is called Form Libre. She early on met Le Corbusier and his cousin Pierre Jeanneret with whom she collaborated closely later in her life. 

Selected Objects

leaf dishes (2)

Very delicate set of two leaf-shaped wooden dishes made of birch plywood, designed by eminent Tapio Wirkkala. Wirkkala was a Finnish designer and sculptor and a leading figure of post-war European design. His contributions include glasses for Venini and a fruitful cooperation with Rosenthal. The two-coloured wood rings on his laminated plywood dishes emphasize their shell-like shape, combining the at-once manmade and natural qualities of plywood with an organic inspiration. Wirkkala played wi ...

Designer / Artist

George Nakashima

The architect, furniture maker and craftsman is considered one of the fathers of American craftsmanship. George Nakashima was born in 1905 in Spokane, Washington state.

After studying architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology the 26 year-old bought a Round-the-World steamship ticket, spent a year in France, travelled North Africa and eventually to Japan. There he found work with the architect Antonin Raymond – and it was there he discovered his passion for wood. For th ...

Selected Objects

lounge chairs (2) (c)

These original chairs comes in bleached teak with bended and slightly curved back. The seat and back are cane. The chairs appear in beautiful patina. Swiss-born Pierre Jeanneret was an architect and furniture designer. For many years he was in cooperation with Charlotte Perriand and moreover a partner of his famous cousin Le Corbusier. In 1950, the two men were the principal  project managers for the construction of the city of Chandigarh, India.

Designer / Artist

Greta Magnusson Grossman

Stockholm-born Greta Magnusson Grossman in the late 1920s is offered a scholarship at the renowned Stockholm Academy of Arts Konstfack, where in 1933 she successfully completes her degree. In the 1930s Grossman significantly influences the Swedish design and architecture scene. She has an extremely productive career of forty years in Europe and North America, with numerous successes in the fields of industrial and interior design as well as classical architecture.

As one of the first wo ...

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