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A fine line between art and kitsch

A trip to the Frankfurt Dippemess offers amazing surprises. The Frankfurt Dippemess looks back on a tradition dating back to the 14th century. At that time, it was a sales market for household goods. Today the Dippemess is Frankfurt's biggest folk fair and offers a lot of fun. Carousel, roller coaster, ghost train, bumper car, ferris wheel - not to mention tasty roasted almonds, cotton candy, game booths and shooting ranges. We were surprised what beautiful treasures there is to discover betw ...

Selected Objects

coffee table

The coffee table with a round glass top on metal pipe chromium plated base is designed by German architect Herbert Hirche and manufactured by Christian Holzäpfel. Herbert Hirche was one of the most important post-war German designers. Hirche collaborated, among others, with Mies van der Rohe, Egon Eiermann and was a student of Wassily Kandinsky. This explains his allegiance by classical modernity, the ideals of which he remained true to all his life and the - politically clean - tradition he ...

Selected Objects

cups (2)

The technique makes them peculiar, while the idea behind them is in the line of Sottsass research work of those years. The peculiarity of enamel consists in its vitreous nature which gives to colors a thickness, a material consistency. Colors are for this reason deep colors, not flat colors on a flat surface. Enamel is cooked in the oven at around 1000 degrees, each color at a different temperature. Originally the enamel is a powder, which before cooking in the oven has a different color ...


Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass is an Austrian-Italian architect, designer and photographer. He is known world-wide by his object "Valentine", a red, easily portable typewriter made of plastic and as a member of the group "Memphis". With his design, he opposes the modernist dictatorship of modernity for more emotion and less practicality.

In 1935 he began his studies and received his diploma at the Polytechnic of Turin. As a soldier of the Italian army, he spends most of the Second World War in a Yug ...


Worlds of Design and a Taste for Art

We would like to draw your attention to the following auction. The French auction house Piasa will be offering a sale in March entitled: Worlds of Design and a Taste for Art. A huge collection from one property, selected pieces that covers and describes an interesting subject: Where does art stop and where does design begin? Classical pieces by Hans Wegner, Ib Kofod Larsen, Edward Wormley, as well as Lightings by Angelo Lelli but also art works of German border-crossers in the field of art, d ...

Selected Objects

Floor Lamp

This adjustable floor lamp designed by Carlo Mollino in 1947. Parchment shade supported by brass arm on polished marble base. The lamp is able to swivel 360 degrees by adjusting the button on the base of the lamp. Manufactured by Galleria Colombari. Carlo Mollino is one of the most exceptional designers of the 20th century. A universal talent - designer, architect, race driver, stunt pilot, photographer, fashion designer, stage designer and essayist.


Elle Best of Germany - 02.2018

A new article in ELLE - Best of Germany. Frank Landau has an unmistakable sense of style, designs the hippest shops of the city and always moves the interface between art and design. Supreme maxim: He only sells, what he appreciates - and that is a fine selection of Italian lights and Midcentury classic Scandinavian and American designers like Poul Kjærholm and George Nelson. The pieces are presented in a gallery that Landau operates with art gallery owner Anita Beckers.

Selected Objects

bar cart

This Brazilian modern classic piece was designed in 1959 by Jorge Zalszupin. The exquisite barcart is made in Brazilian jacaranda with brass wheels. The top shelf is a removable tray. Noble lines, the essential use of native wood and a combination of impeccable woodwork and classic details characterize Jorge Zalszupin's furniture.

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