Frank Landau - Selected Design Objects Frank Landau - Selected Design Objects

Selected Objects

panel wall (36)

Very exceptional and very unique. The mahogany panel wall consists of 36 pieces and comes with aluminum supports, which also give the possibility to fix glass shelves to the wall. All 36 pieces are in perfect condition and have the typical diamond shape of Philippon / Leqoc. Manufactured by Behr. Philippon / Leqoc shared a fruitful life-long cooperation after their shared studies in Paris. Their main goal was to offer beauty and quality to the broadest audience possible. With their almos ...

Designer / Artist

Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass is an Austrian-Italian architect, designer and photographer. He is known world-wide by his object Valentine, a red, easily portable typewriter made of plastic and as a member of the group Memphis. With his design, he opposes the modernist dictatorship of modernity for more emotion and less practicality.

In 1935 he began his studies and received his diploma at the Polytechnic of Turin. As a soldier of the Italian army, he spends most of the Second World War in a Yugosla ...

Selected Objects

Set of vases (3)

This set of three vases is produced by the American artist Claude Conover. All three vases are signed by the artist on the underside. They are unique ceramic pieces that live by the unique shape and by the patterns require an incredible endurance while producing. Conover is definitely a border crosser who moves between art and design with his works. Other artists like Hans Coper, Lucie Rie, Gertrud and Otto Natzler, as well as Stan Bitters move with their work on the same field. 

Selected Objects

Side table (b)

A wonderful, unique piece, finished with three different materials: gilded and enamelled steel, slate, gilded wood. Manufactured by Paul Evans Studio in 1960. We have a second example in stock, smaller dimension. The partnership between Paul Evans and Phillip Lloyd Powell marked the beginning of the 1960s American Craft Movement in the United States. The collaboration is the most impressive partnership in American studio furniture history. In contrast to Evans' heavily welded metal designs, P ...


A fine line between art and kitsch

A trip to the Frankfurt Dippemess offers amazing surprises. The Frankfurt Dippemess looks back on a tradition dating back to the 14th century. At that time, it was a sales market for household goods. Today the Dippemess is Frankfurt's biggest folk fair and offers a lot of fun. Carousel, roller coaster, ghost train, bumper car, ferris wheel - not to mention tasty roasted almonds, cotton candy, game booths and shooting ranges. We were surprised what beautiful treasures there is to discover betw ...

Selected Objects

Lounge Chair (a)

This flag halyard Lounge Chair was something radically new in his time, made of new materials. Hans Wegner´s Chair does not require much carpentry work, but a lot of manual work for his 250 m flag cord. After Wegner studied at the Arts and Crafts School in Copenhagen he got hired as draftsman for the architecture office of Erik Møller and famous furniture designer Arne Jacobsen before becoming a milestone in Danish design history. Jacobsen and Wegner are next to Finn Juhl and Børge ...

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