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cups (2)cups (2)cups (2)

cups (2)

Year of origin

Il Sestante


copper, enameled
good original condition
h 11 / d 7,5 cm

The technique makes them peculiar, while the idea behind them is in the line of Sottsass research work of those years. The peculiarity of enamel consists in its vitreous nature which gives to colors a thickness, a material consistency. Colors are for this reason deep colors, not flat colors on a flat surface. Enamel is cooked in the oven at around 1000 degrees, each color at a different temperature. Originally the enamel is a powder, which before cooking in the oven has a different color from the final one. There are also impurities in the material, which after cooking, sometimes comes out in strange and impredictable effects. Enamel involves a very skilled artisanal work. Sottsass surely loved all these qualities and the magic that is involved in the process of making enamel.