Ceiling Lamps (5)Ceiling Lamps (5)Ceiling Lamps (5)Ceiling Lamps (5)

Ceiling Lamps (5)

Year of origin

Louis Poulsen


lacquered metal
very good original condition
h 32 / d 21 cm

Set of five ceiling lamps in lacquered metal designed by Danish artist Poul Gernes. The lamp is made out of one perforated white metal piece and has several, in different directions bent sheets, offering a very homogeneous and soft light. Manufactured by Louis Poulsen. Danish artist Gernes was active as both artist, furniture designer, activist and co-founder of the alternative art school Eks-Skolen. His serial, colorful works move between pop art and minimalism, very exemplary in this exceptional lamp. Danish time companions Preben Dahl, Simon Henningsen and Poul Henningsen exhibit similar traits.