Ceiling Lamps (2)Ceiling Lamps (2)Ceiling Lamps (2)Ceiling Lamps (2)Ceiling Lamps (2)Ceiling Lamps (2)

Ceiling Lamps (2)

Year of origin

Taito OY


etched glass 

very good original condition
h 140 / d 50 cm

This very elegant pair of ceiling lamps are made of highest quality by famous Finish Paavo Tynell. The solid perforated brass pendant with etched glass downlight lives trough its simple, understated pure form. Manufactured by Taito Oy. Paavo Tynell was one of the founders of Taito firm. With prestigious projects like the lighting design for Lasipalatsi building in Helsinki and the office of the Secretary General of United Nations, he was one of Finland’s most widely used designers of light fittings for public spaces between the 1930s and 1950s. Tynell among other things collaborates with architect Alvar Aalto on fixtures for the Paimio sanatorium, Savoy restaurant, and Viipuri library and can be compared to Ilmari Tapiovaara and Lisa Johansson Pape.