dining table dining table dining table dining table dining table dining table

dining table

Year of origin

Nordiska Kompaniet


very good condition
h 72 / w 180 / d 75 cm

This table comes in beautifully grained Oregon pines with a matt finish. Designed by Axel Einar Hjorth and manufactured by Nordiska Kompaniet. The Swedish architect and industrial designer contributed significantly to the international breakthrough of Swedish design. He was known for his modern reduced design and the use of different styles. While his designs were still influenced by neoclassicism between 1918 and 1929, Hjorth later became more and more inspired by French Art Deco and still used the formal language based on Swedish conditions. In 1927 Hjorth became chief architect and designer of the department store Nordiska Kompaniet (NK) in Stockholm. Swedish Otto Schulz is another time companion. Many of their pieces have managed to become modern icons.