Philip Arctander


lounge chair

Year of origin

Nordisk Staal & Møbel Central


stained beech
very good condition
h 76 / w 70 / d 89 cm

Single so called Muslingestol designed by Philip Arctander. Warm grey upholstery gives a nice contrast to the reddish stained beech armrests and legs. Second matching example in stock. Manufactured by Nordisk Staal & Møbel Central. Danish architect Arctander is mostly known for his directorship at the Danish Building institute and his UN advisory role for affordable housing. His contribution of the now iconic Muslingestol (clam chair) to NY FORM in Copenhagen in 1944 got the piece immediately into production. With Arctander leaving the furniture branch, Nordic suppliers like IKEA and Vik & Blindheim adapted his drafts and only much later was confirmed that it was his design, making it somewhat more iconic inside the design market, where it holds a secured place today, beneath the swedish classics Ekström, Holmquist or Malmsten.