coffee table coffee table coffee table coffee table coffee table

Philip and Kelvin LaVerne


coffee table

Year of origin

Philip and Kelvin LaVerne


etched bronze
good original condition
h 45 / w 166 / d 60

Very rare and unique coffee table designed by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne. The bronze table stands on two arched pedestals, the beautiful patterned etched surface shows the motifs of the famous Italian painter Michelangelo - the creation of Adam. The unique piece is signed at the bottom. Manufactured in 1965. Philip and Kelvin LaVerne worked as artists and furniture manufacturers. Father and son created unique works, many in limited editions, which later became collectibles. In the 1950s, their process began with the production of the patinated bronze series. They harmoniously combine innovative metalworking techniques with traditional motifs from art and history.