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Lygia Clark


drawing (b)

Year of origin

Lygia Clark


Pencil & Ink on paper

 h 37 / w 36

 h 20 / w  16 cm

The drawing by Lygia Clark comes in a wooden frame. The originality is marked by the signature, as well as the year of origin. Lygia Clark was a Brazilian painter, sculptor and installation artist and represents Brazilian interactive art. Her work combines three key topics: Abstraction, neoconcretism and the abandonment of art. Each of these axes anchors an important concept or constellation of works that mark a decisive step in Clark's career. Artur Barrio, Roberto Burle Marx, Max Bill and Franz Weissmann, to name but a few, were her companions. Alvaro Siza certainly had an influence on her works, the German counterpart being the works of Hermann Glöckner.