serigraph (a) (1) serigraph (a) (1)

Josef Albers


serigraph (a) (1)

Year of origin

Josef Albers


print on paper
h 54 / w 46 cm
h 23,5 / w 23,5 cm

The serigraph in yellow graduations comes framed in white passe-partout in a white wooden frame. It is in perfect condition and is a piece from his famous series Hommage to the Square. The work is from an edition of 1,000 and not signed in the front, as issued. Josef Albers focused his works on colours, forms, lines, surfaces and their effects on cognitive and subjective optical perception, an interest shared with Kandinsky. Just like Piet Mondrian he had a considerable impact on the history of American painting. His work belongs to concrete art. This is obvious in its geometric-optical illusions alike Victor Vasarely's, one of the pioneers of Op-Art and his famous Hommage to the Square to the Hard Edge.