Plywood chair (b)Plywood chair (b)Plywood chair (b)Plywood chair (b)Plywood chair (b)Plywood chair (b)Plywood chair (b)

Erich Menzel


Plywood chair (b)

Year of origin

Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau


plywood beech
good original condition
h 78 / w 43 / d 51 cm

A plywood chair by Erich Menzel designed in 1951. The plywood is made of more than 20 veneer films pressed together. The design of the chair strongly reminds of the design of the Finnish Alvar Aalto. The German engineer Erich Menzel used to work at the Bauhaus. After the war, he became director of the Workshop Hellerau, where he further developed his ideas and use of plywood in Eastern Germany. Manufactured by Deutsche Werkstätten Hellerau.