Landscape Photography In the Interplay of Light and Fog by Florian Heurich. We are pleased to be able to present the second exhibition of the Frankfurt born photographer Florian Heurich (*1971). With the exhibition titled Light II - Contrast we present a continuation of the series, which was already partially shown in a previous exhibition cycle. The landscape photographs by photographer Florian Heurich show natural scenery that he has hiked. The works are dense and characterized by atmospheric lighting. The motifs are mostly composed in a strictly horizontal manner. The horizon is not always clearly defined, the top is sometimes more, sometimes less sharply separated from the bottom. Florian Heurich's connection to nature has led to a performative art form that does not seek spectacular impressions, but finds motifs in the omnipresent, for example in the solitude of nature. Heurich's visual stories of the beauty and loneliness of some areas are simultaneously banal and uplifting. The stills invite us to accompany him on his journeys through the beauty of our nature.

November, 7th, 2019 - December, 5th, 2019
Vernissage, Wednesday, 6th 2019, 7pm - 9pm