swedish architect and designer

Kerstin Holmquist

(1925 - 1997)

Kerstin Hörlin-Holmquist was a Swedish architect and designer. She is known for her ability to create designs for the modern home of the 1950s without being concerned about passing trends. It was important to her to remain true to her own unique humanistic version of design. She worked a lot with her husband Erik Holmqvist, with whom she created and formed their own designs. Important for their collaboration was testing the designs in their own rooms before the respective project was finalized. In 1946 Holmquist studied art history in England and was fascinated by the classic English style of upholstered furniture. She created her timeless and iconic „Paradies“ collection in 1956 while working for Nordiska Kompaniet. She favored brightness, clear lines and grace with a pinch of romance. Her designs are esteemed and have collector's value, because they rarely appear at auctions.