German designer

Renate Müller

(* 1945)

Born in Sonneberg, Renate Müller grows up in a family of toy makers. Her grandfather already, inspired by progressive education, develops pedagogically valuable toys in the Sonneberg company HJ Lewen. Her parents run a workshop for educationally valuable objects. Renate Müller studies design at the School of Applied Arts with Helene Haeusler. In the parental company Renate Müller develops high-quality children's toys in cooperation with doctors and therapists. In 1967 her animal figures, a hand-made series, are first presented at the Leipzig Spring Fair.
After graduating Renate Müller joins her parents' workshop, which is nationalized in 1972. Her designs keep being produced and can be found in large numbers in nursery schools and medical practices in GDR. In 1990 the trademark rights can be repurchased and found her company "Renate Müller - Game & Design". High quality toys from ecologically acceptable materials keeps being handmade.
By keeping the series small, the toys manufactured since the late 1990s are dealt at  high prices. They are even said to be more authentic. The robust toy animals from Müller's manufactory are now traded worldwide. The older toys are in great demand among collectors, museums and especially in the United States.